31 August 2013

Manjaro Linux0.8.7 "Ascella " XFCE Review :- Rodar su mente con nueva montaña rusa Manjaro paseo linux .

Arch Is one of the distribution which has lot of followers but when it comes to installation for newbie friendly it will confuse you where to find archstar in oceans of stars from the sky .When I asked in some of the forums for rolling based friendly distro many of them suggested me to try Arch .Also I saw the ranking of Arch in Distrowatch is around top ten ,so decided to try it buy after several install try up something here and there mess up ,and used to take long time for novice user like me.So I just left off arch for sometime as I need ready to go linux distro for use as didn't want to waste time in installation and setting arch , Surely Arch is not for beginners but best for them who want to learn , professional , hobbist etc . 

I never thought of using an Arch based distro anymore but somewhere got to know that it has very fast ,responsive and friendly Forum .So to test it downloaded their ISO of openbox and went to their forum site to see what is said and heard about manjaro forum is true or not .Then after questioning my doubts and other related issues I got the reply very quickly as compared to other forums .So actually their vibrant community forum brought me more closer to them and also had tested some arch based distro from that onething was sure , arch distro is definitely more faster than all other distro available today . Truely speaking I was more intersted to try arch based distro but want something that dont wanna Messup with the installer like arch but want some beginner friendly esay-to-go installer and here Manjaro from Mount kilimanjaro which is  named after , comes to my rescue .

30 August 2013

Searching for cross- accessing software for linux partition from windows ? Dual- booting windows and linux there are various ways,A detailed short Guide.

When someone starts with linux operating system he/she feels that something is still missing here and there on both the operating system , but then he/she will start dual booting the system to get best of both systems .while above reading the topic article it seems weird what I started talking , now lets come to straight point ,Actually what happened I was searching for some recovery and backup software from paragon websites ,as wanted  to do some recovery and backup on one of my pc .When I was just browsing their site for other softwares ,Just my eyesight  felt on one more software known as Paragon Extfs by reading the detail got what exactly it is . Extfs is a simple utlty tool which  provides you with all time permit to access Ext2/Ext3/Ext4 from your windows operating system .

Now why I felt to write this article sometime before  as I made an install of linux os on one of my friends laptop and after using for days he asked me how to access linux  media files from windows at that time I suggested him Ext2fsd as that one of my favourite to access the ext3 system from windows , so usually I  used to keep home as ext3 formated in my linux system .And now by giving information it will be useful to someones let see what are other option .

1.Ext2Fsd :-

Ext2Fsd is basically a windows driver manager for various support of read and write for linux ext3/2 volumes from windows thats really sound goods for novice users .Its one of the easiest way and pain-free to configure system .Now head on to their site , download it and install it as windows program and launch  the program what you will find is that it display an error  . unable to execute c:\program files \Ext2Fsd \Ext3 Mgr.exe. like that simply click ok over it .And simply re-run the application by double  clicking  over it . Now you can choose various media point you would like to mount it .Theres an option whether to mount it permanently or temporary , plz dont forget to assign letter for the drive to be mounted .Generally I opt for permanent mount option so system remains mounted even after reboot .Once mounting of media is finished you are easy to access and play with the system from windows explorer .

It has nice features like it supports  Ext2/Ext3 volume file reading and writing and assignment of mounting stuff automatically , htree directory indexing ,ext4 Extended support .
Caution :- Ext4 read only support and no NT4 support anymore .Also it doesn't support LVM andLinux Raid , If you have not activated automont of file system at boot you have to everytime start the software Ext2fsd and mount from its window or by through going to Tools > service management  and have to start Ext2fsd  to make your Linux files accessible .And you can find your media by looking / home /Name directory .